Benefits for You and Your Patients

Maybe you think that you’ve heard this kind of offer before and it wasn’t for you, but here’s what makes our offer different:

  1. Keep working with the Specialists that you know and trust.
  2. You select which tests you refer for interpretation.
  3. No long term commitment or minimum test volume required.
  4. Use the same technology that your local labs use.
  5. Your tests are stored securely and segregated, but accessible to you.
TeleMED Delivers for You and Your Patients:

Financial Benefits

  1. Increase revenue without capital investment
  2. Start and quit program whenever you want
  3. You select which tests get referred for interpretation

Productivity Benefits

  1. More output from your existing staff
  2. Maximize the use of your existing space
  3. Eliminate time writing requisitions, booking appointments
  4. Reduce turnaround time (TAT) to 1 day or less

Improved Patient Care

  1. Ensure that your patient gets tested
  2. Increase convenience for your patients
  3. Keep working with your preferred Specialist
  4. Follow up consultations available

Turnkey Solution, Including Support

  1. We install the equipment and provide training
  2. Round-the-clock telephone support
  3. We replace/repair equipment as needed
  4. We supply testing disposables

Perform your diagnostic tests in your own practice

Review the test results in-house or transmit them for expert analysis

Quick turnaround lets you report back to your patients with less worrisome waiting

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