Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I don’t know who TeleMED is. Why is that?For over a decade, TeleMED has been providing technology to laboratory networks across Canada. We have only recently started to market directly to Family Physicians, but you may already be receiving results of tests that were processed with our systems. We are happy to provide you with referrals from Specialists in your area who use and rely on our technology.
  2. Right now, I refer my patients to my Cardiologist. Can I have him interpret my tests? We are happy to put your trusted Cardiologist on the TeleMED Network so that he/she can read your tests online and send the results back to you electronically. Continue to rely on your Cardiologist for clinical expertise and rely on TeleMED for data management expertise.
  3. Who is going to train me and my staff?TeleMED gives you an end-to-end, “no worries” solution. We provide all the training you need and will provide support and re-training as you need it.
  1. What happens if the equipment breaks down? If there is any kind of problem with your equipment, just call our service hotline number and we will replace it immediately, at no cost to you. We take care of the equipment so that you can take care of your patients.
  2. How do I get the results into my EMR? Your results will be sent back to you in digital form. In most cases, you will be able to import the results into your EMR.
  3. I don’t want to make a long-term commitment. What if your solution doesn’t work for me? You don’t have to worry because you are not locked in and you can cancel at any time. We make it as easy to stop as it is to start.
  4. Who pays me for the tests that are performed in my office? The process for payment for the tests you perform will be just like the process for other services you perform. Your TeleMED equipment tracks all the tests that you perform with it and captures the backup information that you need to support your invoices.
Contact UsToll free: 1 800 543-8151
Toronto: 416 665-8556
Edmonton: 780 860-0285

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